Tablets are very popular alternatives to laptops and computers, with no tablet more popular than Apple’s iconic iPad. It makes a lot of sense. After all, it kinda did start the tablet boom in the electronics market with its introduction in 2010 (even though it technically wasn’t the first tablet invented).


Since its introduction, it’s been all the rave among people of all ages in the market for buying a tablet.


Here are the pros of buying Apple’s iPad tablet:


Pros of Buying an iPad


The iPad is the most popular because of its many benefits, including the following:


Always Taking the Lead in Technology


Not only does the iPad lead in sales, but it also takes the lead in technology. It was the first-ever tablet to feature a high-resolution display and the first to utilize a 64-bit processor. On top of that, with each new, yearly iPad release, it only becomes faster and faster. For example, the iPad Pro has even surpassed many laptops on the market right now in terms of processing power.


The App Store Virtually Has Everything 


Did you know that Apple’s App Store has well over one million apps? Not only that, but over half of them were designed specifically with the iPad in mind. All the apps are reviewed by Apple employees to ensure that they’re up to company standards, which is a great guard against malware (an issue that the Google Play Store is guilty of dealing with).


A huge advantage the iPad has over PCs, in general, is the price of the software. Most apps only cost around $5 or less, with many even costing nothing at all. If you own a PC, on the other hand, you’re lucky if you buy anything decent under $30.